Instant Connection

What a perfect game for entertaining! I was introduced to this amazing way of getting to know others at a medium sized dinner gathering. I didn’t know many people there. By the end of the evening, I felt so close to them and we experienced so much laughter and a wonderful bond. I’d recommend this to anyone having an intimate gathering of any kind. Larger parties of 30 would also benefit from this greatly I believe. The questions are thought provoking and the answers will surprise you!

Monique L.

New York

Literally saved Christmas

What I thought was going to be a real downer of a holiday, ended up becoming one of the best Christmases I could have ever asked for! I was feeling pretty lonely this year, so I posted to see if anyone was around. Turned out that quite a few people felt a bit left out just like myself. So I invited then all over to my house for a little get together. It was fantastic! No one knew each other walking through the door, but walking out at the end of the night they were all best buddies who now talk daily on a group chat. And the catalyst for all that? Conscious Conversations! We pulled it out and ended up having deep, soulful conversations until 2:30am. We all felt so close and they were all so glad that they came. Can’t say enough about how wonderful this game is.

Gita L


Great for so many things...

There are a lot of conversation starters out there, but these are by FAR the best I've purchased. The questions are unique, thought provoking, and help foster deep connection. There is no small talk to be found in this deck, and every time I pull a card with someone, I'm delighted to learn more about their true self. I highly recommend these for dinner parties, gatherings with friends, a dinner at home with a loved one, or even alone for journaling prompts or personal reflection!

Iris M


Highly Recommended!

I have been using conscious conversations in many parts of my life. I use it for dating and I use it when I make new friends. I havethrown dinner parties and wehave people go around and do conscious conversations.

I think this is a breakthrough idea. People need to talk more and this game provides an interesting and engaging way to talk about how we see the world how we feel about things and experiences that we've had.

I highly recommend this game. It is done in a way that's so much more meaningful than the other competitors that are out there.

Jeremy K


I carry them everywhere

I have a few decks that I have placed in my living and community spaces and I love having a few cards in my purse at all times to encourage and inspire greater conversations. I even take them to meetings with me!

We could all use more meaningful connections and conversations that go deeper among friends, family and even strangers and I love how the quantity and presentation of these cards makes this a more frequent occasion!

Tina H


Great way to meet people

So I have the cards on my dining table and whenever we get the chance we pull out the cards and ask questions, unordinary, non-boring questions. When guests are coming over or just with my wife, it's a great way to meet people or to get to know your friends. Its worth even $100 for this pack..

Idan C


Best Ice Breaker Game ever...

Best ice breaker game ever!

We've played in on the river in Yuba, in Hawaii during a storm, and during a wellness retreat.

Thoughtful, deep questions that bring out intimacy building stories that would otherwise take years of friendship to hear. Thought provoking, fun, and fabulously bonding.

Sarah P


So magical...

"I LOVE the Conscious Conversations cards. I used them with my family over the holidays and they led to some serious bonding and opening up that I have never seen happen between us. So magical.

Also have used them with my boyfriend and close friends. I want to bring them out at any opportunity!




New York

A pleasant surprise

My friends and I usually spend our time at bars or playing video games. So I was surprised when my friend took out a set of cards with a bunch of weird questions on them. To my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations that happened, they were deep and meaningful, and I ultimately ended up buying myself a deck! I am excited to get to know my friends on a totally different level.

Danny G